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Bizkaia will host two stages of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2023

The Grand Départ Pays Basque of 2023 will depart from Bilbao on July 1st, and the capital of Biscay will also host the finish of the first stage. The route for the second day will start in Vitoria-Gasteiz and finish in Donostia, and the third stage will begin in Amorebieta-Etxano and traverse the Basque coast, passing from Irun towards the roads of Iparralde.

Stages of the Grand Départ Pays Basque 2023

Stage Bilbao – Bilbao (01/07/2023): The first pedal strokes of the 110th edition of the Tour de France have Bilbao as both the starting and finishing point. A circular and winding itinerary of 185 kilometers through the territory of Bizkaia. If we add the nerves, excitement, and the accumulated 3,300 meters of elevation gain, the first day will provide a vibrant spectacle.

Stage Vitoria-Gasteiz – Donostia/San Sebastián (02/07/2023): The second day of the Tour de France will connect the other two capitals of the Basque Country. The 210 kilometers that will unite Vitoria-Gasteiz and Donostia-San Sebastián draw a deceptive profile. While the capital of the Basque Country is located at 600 meters of altitude and Donostia is bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, the narrow and winding roads through Álava and Gipuzkoa will demand a tremendous effort.

Stage Amorebieta-Etxano – Baiona (03/07/2023): The third stage of the Tour de France in the Basque Country is expected to be another challenging day. Amorebieta-Etxano, known for being a pioneer in the Basque Country with the construction of a “bizipista” that will connect the town with Iurreta, will be the starting point of the stage where the peloton bids farewell to the Basque roads.

Practical Guide to the Grand Départ

The Practical Guide to the Grand Départ Pays Basque 2023 is designed to provide citizens with all the information they need to organize their daily lives during the celebration of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in the Basque Country. It is a “living” guide that will be regularly updated as new developments occur, such as changes in transportation options or the opening of additional park-and-ride facilities. It is crucial to visit the official Grand Départ website and always download the latest available version of the guide.

In a unified format, the guide offers comprehensive information about the dates of the Grand Départ. It includes links to the platforms of all public transportation operators, a program of main events, maps and itineraries for each stage, caravan parking areas, details of start and finish locations, information on major road closures and openings (such as Pike or Jaizkibel), and scheduled events. The guide provides a practical overview of how the Tour de France will impact mobility and the available options.