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The Kings League fills the Camp Nou Spotify with spectacle

The combination of entertainment, new platforms and football-7 that the Kings League has offered for weeks, a competition promoted by former footballer Gerard Piqué and the streamer Ibai Llanos, reached its maximum exponent yesterday with the celebration of the final at the Spotify Camp Nou. A meeting that, beyond reaching new audience levels and breaking some records, evidenced the interest of viewers in new entertainment formulas.

The evening began at 4:00 p.m. with the arrival by helicopter at the stadium of Gerard Piqué and the presidents of the four teams that played in the Final Four: the streamer Perxiita with his team Troncos; Mexican content creator Juan Guarnizo with his Anniquiladores team; The Grefg with Saiyans; and the tiktoker Adrián Contreras with El Barrio. This last grouping is the one that was finally proclaimed the winner, 3-0 against Annihiladores, after 10:00 p.m.

In addition to the semifinal matches and the long-awaited final match, the event included a Super Bowl-style intermission with musical performances by well-known Spanish rappers (Skone, Chuty, Gazir and Bnet) and two Argentine artists (Lali Espósito and Tiago PZK). All this with the intention of providing a finishing touch to the tournament that began on January 1st and turning the match into an international entertainment event.

The truth is that the event managed to fill the FC Barcelona stadium. As reported by the organization of the Kings League, 92,522 spectators attended the matches held yesterday at the Camp Nou Spotify live, a figure that contrasts sharply with the approximately 300 people who have attended each Sunday -by invitation- to the matches that have taken place. place in a pavilion in the port of Barcelona, the so-called Cupra Arena.

As pointed out by the Kings League, the number was a record for the competition, but the event has given rise to another relevant piece of information: the world record for people wearing masks. More than 90,000 people wore the masks created with the tournament logo and also danced a haka led by sports journalist and streamer Gerard Romero.

In addition to the people gathered in the stadium, the Kings League achieved another remarkable figure in terms of audience. Over the last few weeks, the competition matches have gathered an average of 600,000 viewers on Twitch each day. However, and as expected, the Final Four has exceeded this figure and was watched by an average of 1,380,000 viewers, with a peak of the broadcast of 2,163,069 people, a historical record for the competition, as indicated by the organization.